Coral Calcium

We have been selling HTN’s Coral Calcium products for more than 10 years…

We have been selling HTN’s Coral Calcium products for more than 10 years, with orders being shipped all over the world as far as New Zealand.
The brand has been given a “new look” as Xooma X2O, the same great products with the same great health properties.
Returning customers have commented that using Coral Calcium Sachets has helped with the symptoms of MS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Eczema, and menstrual pains
It helps with pain and fatigue while the Capsules help aide sleep leaving you refreshed and revived in the morning..


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More information on how the coral is harvested by Marine Bio Marine-Bio

Coral in the reefs of Okinawa acts as a natural filter, mineralizes the water, and maintains the beauty and purity of the environment. Okinawa coral calcium and coral mineral once added to your diet, can do the same for you. Primarily calcium and magnesium, sango calcium also contains 74 trace minerals in an ideal balance for your body. And it’s naturally porous—you absorb it better, easier, and faster than calcium carbonate supplements.
Far from the beautiful living reef of Okinawa, in deep, dark water where coral cannot grow and does not live, the ocean floor itself is made of fossilized coral grains. We use environmentally friendly collection methods to harvest this fossilized coral. Then we refine and package the fossilized coral right there in Okinawa and send it out to market. It’s that simple. Marine Bio.